walter-perryIn August of 1932 Mr. Walter Perry conceived of and created the first of August Celebration, commemorating the emancipation of slaves from the British Empire and the United States.
In the years to come, tens of thousands of people of a variety of ethnic groups from across Canada and the U.S.A. gathered in Windsor to celebrate emancipation. The celebrations continued to grow and featured such guest speakers as Martin Luther King Jr. and Eleanor Roosevelt.
Soon it became known as The Greatest Freedom Show On Earth!
walter-perry-w-posterMr. Perry passed away in 1967 but his legacy continued under the guidance of Mr. Ted Powell. Throughout the years, through good times and bad, the legacy has continued. The events have been hosted by a number of groups willing to carry the torch, most recently Emancipation Day Committee of Windsor.
Be a part of the legacy and show your support, so that the Emancipation Celebration will continue to grow and draw more celebrants from around the world to Windsor, Ontario.

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