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Go Fund Me page started

In the third year, the celebration was postponed, as funding was not as readily available as it was the first two years. Windsor has known its fair share of hard times and the cancelation of the 2016 celebration was further proof of that.
This is why we are looking to you, the community, for help in assuring that the Emancipation Celebration becomes self-sustaining for many, many generations to come! Help spread the word!Though the celebration itself does not occur traditionally until August, it takes many months of planning and preparation. That is why we ask that you begin contributing now.

Being raised in Windsor with this tradition, it is our responsibilty to see that the legacy lives on – our heritage as a community working together be shared with our youth and newcomers, until it is once again woven into the fabric of the City of Windsor until the world is once again familiar with “The Greatest Freedom Show on Earth!”