About Us

Who we are

emancipation-day-50sNot-for-profit committee
We are a registered not-for-profit networking committee dedicated to providing the public with historically accurate educational material on Emancipation Day, multiculturalism and information relevant to the area’s history.
We educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by facilitating performances of an artistic nature in public.
We provide seminars on topics relating to the performing arts and we provide a multicultural network to facilitate special events.


What we do

We learn so that we may teach; we teach so the spirit of Emancipation will live on long after we have passed.
Did you know that slavery once existed in Windsor?
Our committee members research printed depictions, photographs and video footage of the historic Emancipation Day festivities, celebrating the emancipation of slaves throughout the British empire in 1833 and the Emancipation of refugees and slaves in the United States 30 years later.
We have visited and spoke with the leaders of churches in the McDougall street area, to get their input and to establish an unwavering rapport. Several interviews with the elders of our communities for first-hand accounts of Emancipation Day festivities, have and will continue to be conducted, as theseĀ  elders are our guides in refabricating the original festival and passing it on to our children.


…”inspiring heritage is truly a privilege”

bradley-jonesBradley Jones, President
Born at Hotel-Dieu and raised not only throughout the city but throughout the country, makes obvious to me those distinct and unique differences that come with saying “I am from Windsor.” To be born into such a proud and inspiring heritage is truly a privilege! It is my passionate desire to do everything within my abilities, to ensure that this legacy continues.


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